Is adult stem cell therapy hocus pocus or the way of the future ?

Hocus Pocus?

So far everything I have learned about “adult stem cell therapy” is from what is available on the web. And truthfully, it sure looks like magic sometimes.Take this YouTube article on the man who uses “magic dust” made from pigs bladder to grow back a half inch of finger tip, bone, blood vessels, flesh, nail, skin including fingerprint in 4 weeks. They don’t mention whether it’s the same print.

There are a few of us who remember a time when we could read Dick Tracey in the Saturday Comics and scoff at his “2-way wrist TV” or his ” magnetic drive space coupe” shooting bad guys with his “silent ray gun”. 50 years ago in 62 I was 10 years old and I had a little radio shaped like a V2 rocket. It had a wire that had an ear-bud and wire with a clip that when attached to a big hunk of metal served as antenna and power supply. It could be tuned to whatever AM radio stations were in range no batteries necessary. Back then that was “rocket science” to me. Well here we are, papers have become virtual, which every one reads on their I-Pad and commercial space craft are offering rides and servicing the space station. Tazers are not quite ray guns but anyone coming through a worm-hole from 1962 could be fooled.

So why the skepticism about “adult stem cell therapy”?

When some people see me hobbling about and find out I canceled my hip replacement surgery in favor of “adult stem cell therapy”, they tell me I should go with what’s available now. Not “wait for them to develop some rocket science”. Of course I explain that the therapy has been available since 2005 at Regenexx with hundreds of positive outcomes. Quite often the next skepticism is, “must be expensive”. They begin to come around when I tell them it is about 1/10th the cost of hip replacement surgery and done with needles only! No surgery! Then there is my surgeon who was the one that told me “adult stem cell therapy” for my hip was “hocus, pocus”, potions, etc.

It’s always this way when something revolutionary comes along.

Some folks like my surgeon have invested years of education and thousands of $ to learn their craft, their technique, so when something comes along that upsets their apple-cart, they of course get defensive, even irrational. The Wright brothers were not believed for many years even though they filmed their first flights. We weren’t quite ready for moving pictures either. It took a “Great War”, WWI, bombs dropping on their heads and romantic stories of noble air warriors fighting one-on-one, mano a mano to bring most people around to the potential of aircraft. Even so, there was still resistance. Between the wars the traditional branches of the armed services Army/Navy, road-blocked the new Air Force and resisted adaptations like the aircraft-carrier or the dive bomber. It took another war, the real referee in battles between technologies to show the superiority of the airplane. The battleship drivers were really upset when the airplane drivers sank virtually all of them right at the start of WWII. And Blitzkrieg, a coordinated attack by aircraft, tanks and mobile infantry put paid to trench warfare and fixed positions in Europe and North Africa.

Magic powder, hocus pocus or science?

Well, actually the magic powder is a medical product made from pigs bladder, extracellular matrix, ECM which is the protein structure or scaffold that cells, whether bone, muscle or skin are suspended from. ECM seems to switch the response of stem cells from that of wound repair, making scar tissue. to growing whole new finger tips in this case. With the promise of possibly growing whole new limbs the US government is actively exploring this possibility. They have large numbers of wounded soldiers who could obviously benefit from an advance like this. In my case, my hip being “bone-on-bone” I can see an application for extracellular matrix being used in combination with adult stem cell therapy to help rebuild my hip. This is something I will have to ask Dr. Centino of Regenexx at his next webinar.

Adult stem cell therapy available now! Why wait?

If you have a bad knee, hip or discs there is no need to wait. I encourage any one who has the resources to contact Dr’ Centino at Regenexx and join my “Stem Cell Guinea Pig Squad” I’m not even on the Squad yet! You have to have actually have had the therapy to qualify. So you could be the first to join the Squad!

I have started a Facebook Cause page

which you can join if you are interested in helping me start a Society to lobby the government to fund “adult stem cell therapy”. If you have found the information that I have provided here useful, please donate a tooney or two to my campaign to “Grow A New Hip”.


2 thoughts on “Is adult stem cell therapy hocus pocus or the way of the future ?

    • Hi Mark
      No I haven’t. I am still saving my pennies unfortunately. If you are in need of some joint repair and are unsure about this therapy here’s a link to a surgeons blog on the subject. Dr. Schienkop is a Prof of Surgery at Reed U. and went from skeptical but willing to check it out 2 years ago. Now it’s the first thing he wants his patients to do.

      Hope this was helpful,


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