VITAMIN C! What’s the connection?

I discussed ECM or extracellular matrix in my last post. ECM is the “connective tissue” that joins each cell to it’s neighbor. It also provides structural scaffolding for stem cells to build new differentiated tissue upon even when sprinkled in powder form on an open wound as demonstrated so dramatically in that video of a man who grows a new fingertip. It’s worth another look!

ECM is made of protein, mostly collagen which your body makes from Vitamin C. Unlike most other animals on the planet we do not make Vitamin C in our organs. An adult goat weighing 150 pounds produces about 25 grams of Vitamin C in it’s kidney and liver every day. Great apes, fruit bats, guinea pigs (which is why they are synonymous with human medical testing) and ourselves do not make Vitamin C in our bodies. An adult male gorilla, living in a salad bowl, consuming upwards of 25 pounds of fruit and vegetation, receives as much as 50 grams of Vitamin C in it’s daily diet. Most of us live pretty far from the salad bowl now and because it is not generally understood that we do not make Vitamin C in our bodies we are chronically deficient. The RDA (recommended daily allowance) of less then 100Mg. Vitamin C for an adult is beyond being a joke. It’s criminal!!!

What are the implications for someone seeking the best outcome from their adult stem cell treatment? Well, given it’s part in the production of collagen the most common protein in our bodies and stem cells dependence on ECM made up mostly of collagen it seems obvious! Start mega-dosing Vitamin C!!!

WARNING!!! Start slowly. Stop slowly. You can increase how much C you retain in your blood and tissues by slowly building up your gut tolerance over time. The flora of your gut have to adjust to the increased C intake as those little bugs in their billions will produce the enzymes needed in the utilization all that extra Vitamin C. Those enzymes can cause damage to a weak kidney if they have to be cleaned up suddenly because you have abruptly stopped taking your Vitamin C.
I normally take 5 grams of Vitamin C twice a day,10 grams total. If I feel something coming on like a cold or the flu, I will boost that to 3 or 4 times a day and will also suck on a chewable C to kill any virus or bacteria that might be lingering there. There is no known overdose level for Vitamin C. If you are fighting an infection your body will take up more  than normally, but your gut can only tolerate so much and will be induced to diarea when  you ingest more then your body can take up. If you ever reach this state just back off on your dosage by a gram or two. The old fallacy used to state that you would just piss away any extra Vitamin C you ingested. This is true if you haven’t trained your body to take the extra load of C, you will just piss it away.



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